What is Bouquet?

Bouquet is a bi-monthly newsletter made up of words and images I arrange as carefully as I can. It’s not exactly a diary, although I only know how to write about my own experience in the world. My interests, thoughts and stories accompanied by my photographs.

About me

I’m Alina Trifan, a photographer based in Sheffield, UK. I was born in Moldova. When I was 14, I moved with my family to Padua, Italy. That’s when I started taking photos.

I love staying inside to watch movies and TV shows. Also a fan of long walks. If one day I will somehow overcome my shyness, I will try my hand at stand-up comedy.

What do you get?

Entertainment and plenty of photos of flowers — all for free.

Friendship, if you want. You can always leave a comment or reply straight to the email in your inbox.

Thank you for being here.